Viciously Loyal Is Who We Are

Viciously loyal is not just something we say, it's who we are. We are loyal to our faith, to our families and to our service. If we care for you or are on your "team" we will be there for you to the end. It's how we were raised and what we believe. Loyalty above all else, except integrity are words we choose to live by. Our trademark phrase holds true in all aspects of our lives.

I come from a long line of serviceman in my family. My father retired as a Chief Master Sergeant after 33 years of service in the United States Air Force, my brother was a Captain in the Air Force, my grandfather served in the US Army and four of my uncles also served in the military. Service has been a part of our families' lineage for over a century. As for myself, I served in the United States Marine Corps (Reserves) as an Infantry Rifleman. I retired after twenty years of service as a peace officer in the great state of Texas. They say police work is more than just a job, it's a career. However, it was more than that for me. Being a public servant called to me as it does for many of our brothers and sisters in service. You are the reason this phrase and brand were created.

We are loyal to what we believe in and for most of us it is: God, Family, Service-and yes, in that order. Our logo is illustrated by a trident above three chevrons . The three prongs of the trident represent our loyalty to our faith, family and service. The chevrons symbolize our branches of service, i.e. military, police, and fire.

The phrase Viciously Loyalexpresses our commitment to each aspect of our lives; nothing more. It does not mean we promote confrontation or violence of any kind. We are simply committed to defending our beliefs. "Viciously Loyal" was my signature at the end of every correspondence I wrote and I simply turned it into a brand that other people of service can relate to and understand. Everyone in this country is viciously loyal to something. If you take some time to think about it, it will come to you too. Loyalty will be something you personally subscribe to, you will defend, and/or something that defines you – THAT is what makes you viciously loyal!


Viciously Loyal,

George Chavez